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Vote NO on Florida Anti-Solar Amendment 1!!

This amendment was created for and its advertising is being financed by the electric power utilities. The good things it promises already exist in other laws and it has some extras which give the utilities the means to severely restrict solar power in Florida. More info here. Our latest song, Anti-Solar Amendment 1, was written about this amendment. This song was recorded using solar power, like all the other songs we've recorded for over the past six years.

This music is the result of not watching TV for over 30 straight years!

That's right! The person who wrote all these songs hasn't had a working television in his house since January, 1982. Scary, isn't it! That could explain the rather retro, somewhat different feel to the music. This is an object lesson in how warped and depraved a television-starved mind can get.

This is the music of Stone Marmot, who are mostly noted for their quirky humor, but who can also get serious and thought provoking. A mixture of Beatles pop, Ramones energy, and B-52s quirkiness. Listen for yourself . . .

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