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Bruce, the drummer for Stone Marmot. Bruce wants to save the world. Though very concerned about the environment, he hates being called an environmentalist since most of the really visible "environmentalists" are either 1) hypocrites who do a few token things for show to make themselves feel good and impress their friends and neighbors (or the media, in the case of celebrities) or 2) treat environmentalism as a religion, taking what their "prophets" proclaim purely on faith, without questioning whether what these "prophets" say is practical or even true. He feels that very significant reductions can be made to our impact on the environment if each of us individually were to clean up our own acts instead of blaming all our problems on someone else. For example, Bruce and Sid have been able to reduce the electric bill of the house where we practice and record to less than $225 a year (around 1100 kW-hr/year), which is far less than the about $1250 a year (about 16,000 kW-hr/year) typical for a house in this neighborhood. Some of the things he has done to achieve this low power use he plans to discuss in future "Rants and Raves." His goal is to have this house run totally off solar power in the near future, once the economy picks up or we sell our first 500,000 CDs (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). [As of January 19, 2010, this house is now running on solar power! See our Rants and Raves Blog for details! But that doesn't mean we have sold 500,000 CDs (We wish!).]

Bruce is in his late thirties and has been playing drums for about 12 years.

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