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Links Of Interest

The following are some sites we have found to be of interest (considering our diverse interests):

Music Just Plain Folks, a free organization for songwriters and professional supporters Harmony Central, good source for musicians Friends Of Florida Folk, Florida organization of folk musicians and supporters

Energy Home Power Magazine site. Has lots of info on saving and generating your own power Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) -- Lots of info on solar and other alternative power sources, especially for Florida Sandia Labs. US government source for serious solar power info Canadian site for energy efficient appliances US site for energy efficient appliances US government source for info on alternative fuels US government site for hydrogen power info US government general energy info site Everything Light Bulbs, from 25 Watt Halogen Bulb T4 to Wholesale Light Bulbs.

Outdoor Activities Florida Sport Paddling Club. Canoeing, kayaking, camping, and eating Wilderness Trekkers Outdoor Club - Florida hiking, paddling, and biking club. The Hostel Shoppe. Has lots of information on recumbent bicycles. Maker of recumbent bicycles and ultralight aircraft (Cindy has a RANS V-Rex). Weather site. You care about the weather if you're outdoors a lot. Information on tides.

Other Info on hovercraft, particularly homebuilt.

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