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Another Duke Energy Bill Problem - Part 7

By Sid of Stone Marmot

March 28, 2016

I received an updated bill from Duke today in the mail. It is identical to the one received a week ago except the readings in question have been corrected. The “Current Received” now is 016429, or 16,429 kwh. The “Received Difference” is now 264 kwh, which is between the 260 to 280 kwh I expected. So it probably was an honest mistake with the “Received Difference” just not updated on the previous bill.

The surplus would probably have been read correctly for the next bill, so the surplus probably wasn't going to be permanently lost, just delayed a month. But there are some potential problems that could have come up, so it is better to get it fixed now.

For completeness, Figures 1 and 2 show my power meter readings as of 6:34 pm today. This, when compared with the readings from the previous days, shows my meter is working. See my article Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 6, Modern Power Meters Don't Run Backwards for info on how to interpret these readings.

Figure 1- March 28, 2016, meter reading of net power flowing out of house (same as current received on power bill).

Figure 2- March 28, 2016, meter reading of net power flowing into house (same as present actual on power bill).

Since it was cloudy most of day with some rain, I had little solar power today. But Figure 1 still reads 4 kwh more than yesterday.

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