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Global Warming Can't Be Real

By Sammy of Stone Marmot

Sept. 12, 2008

Global warming can't be real!

How can I say that? With all the evidence showing long term trends for receding glaciers, increased average global temperature, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, melting Arctic ice, hundreds of square miles of the Antarctic ice shelves collapsing into the oceans, rapid melting of Greenland's ice, etc., etc?

Because NO ONE is calling for us to start doing the most obvious thing to avoid disaster from the results of this warming, that is, the depopulation of our coastlines.

Most all the impact due to global warming, such as some areas warming, growing seasons changing, some areas drying and others becoming wetter, pests and diseases migrating, storms getting worse, etc., is speculative. The only major impact of global warming that isn't speculative is that the ocean levels will rise, though there is still a lot of debate on how much and how fast they will rise. The areas affected for a given rise in the ocean levels are very easy to define.

If global warming is real, we should be making efforts to reduce our coastal populations. We should immediately enact a moratorium on all coastal construction. Any coastal structures that are destroyed, be the cause fire, storms, whatever, should not be rebuilt. We should be discouraging people from moving to coastal areas and encourage people already living in these areas to leave by greatly increasing property taxes and insurance.

But NO ONE is calling for any of these actions. Is it because global warming isn't real? Is this cry of "global warming" just a ploy for media attention, to get more research funding, try to bring down coastal property prices so some people can get cheap beach front property?

Or are people scared of the "shoot the messenger" syndrome? The actions I stated above would be very, very unpopular. Is it that no one wants to be the first to state what is obvious to anyone with any brains? Are all these people crying "Global Warming!" hoping that the rest of the world can see the obvious so that they don't become pariahs for being the first to state the obvious?

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