Alien Concubine

by A. Karpinski
Song © 2003 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

From my dreams she came to me
Beams me to my fantasies
Bends the fabric of my mind
Puts my rhythms out of time
Orbs of passion shining through
The silver rings that join us to
These ever changing galaxies
Exposing all my ecstasies
She moves

My alien concubine, she's so fine
My alien concubine, she's so fine
Twenty thousand parsecs just to be by my side
Planet hopping paradise, please give me a ride

Olive cutis, lilac hair
Earthling angels can't compare
With Alpha's bloom, celestial bliss
Eclipse my tensions with her kiss
Pluton passion halos rise
Setting fire to our skies
Intertwines our destinies
Warp 6 baby, come to me
She's mine

(Repeat chorus twice)

Hear song


© 2003 Stone Marmot Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved.