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I Feel Fine

by A. Karpinski
Song © 2006 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

The gentle beating of the falling rain
That thought releasing rhythm on my window pane
Gray skies, cool breeze, damp misty air
A serenading toad singing oh so fair
Some people moan about rainy days
Come on with the cloudburst because nothing gets in my way, when

I feel fine
The world's all mine
My whole life's in rhyme
'Cause I feel fine

Impatient people zipping everywhere
Cursing at the stoplights on the thoroughfare
Red light, green light, race down the street
A freeway grand prix with the whole world to beat
Why do they race from light to light?
No need to hurry, I just take in the sights, 'cause

(Repeat chorus)

Some people make their lives a misery
Dark and gloom is all that they ever see
But it's bright where I am standing 'cause that's how I want it to be, so

(Repeat chorus)

Some people moan about rainy days

Hear song


© 2006 Stone Marmot Enterprises, all rights reserved.