Foreign Legion

by A. Karpinski
Song © 2003 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Now I ... was caught by surprise
I didn't think that you'd get so mad
Now I ... did not realize
Was my boo-boo really so bad

But since you think we're through now
I want no more of you now
These months with you just blew me away
Got to take a trip now
Don't give me any lip, now
No way in hell that I'm going to stay

Foreign Legion, that's where I'll go
As long as I'm so far away from you
Foreign Legion's to be my home
The deserts I will roam now that we are through

No need to stay here no more
Now that you kicked my butt out the door
No need for me to stay here
I ain't going to stay here
Tonight I pack my bags 'cause I'm going to join the Foreign Legion

Now I ... am so sick of you
Your pouting and your crackers in bed
Now I ... am glad that we're through
The memory of you I long to shed

Can't wait to see the sand, now
That barren distant land, now
The sun will burn those memories to dust
A rifle for my side, now
A camel for my ride, now
And memories blow away with the gusts

(Repeat chorus, then bridge, and then chorus)

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© 2003 Stone Marmot Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved.