Forever Yours

by A. Karpinski
© 2012 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Verse 1:
Stars of sapphire in your eyes
Pulled me 'cross that crowded floor
With that glance I realized
My world's now you, need nothing more

A touch, a sigh, a kiss, goodbye my heart
No longer mine but now forever yours
My hopes, my dreams, my love, everything
No longer mine, I vow
In every way from now, forever yours

Verse 2:
Slow we danced all through that night
You warm and soft within my arms
Entranced, I saw no other sight
You held me deep within your charms

Repeat chorus

Twenty years since that night
You'd think it'd fade away
But I find my love for you
Grows stronger every day

Repeat chorus

We, the legal council for Stone Marmot Enterprises, in an effort to
better comply with the intent and spirit of the recent Truth In
Songwriting Initiative, better known as TISI, strongly advise our
client to make the following changes to the song just heard:

My hopes, my dreams, my love, everything
No longer mine, I vow
In every way from now
Except as stipulated in the terms of the prenuptial agreement
entered into by both parties referred to in the aforementioned
song. Should either of the said parties initiate an attempt to
abrogate or terminate the relationship implied by the aforementioned
song, all pronouncements and stipulations, both stated and implied,
within the content of the said song shall be rendered null and void
and all items mentioned, such as, but not all inclusive and restricted
to, love, hopes, dreams, touches, sighs, kisses, charms, etc.,
shall revert, without prejudice or reduction, to their original and
rightful owners and neither of the aforementioned said parties
shall have further claim upon the other,
Forever yours

Hear song


© 2012 Stone Marmot Enterprises, all rights reserved.