But I'm Happy

by A. Karpinski
© 2014 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Verse 1:
You say I’ve got a cold heart
Insensitive and cruel
Because I won’t spend every living, breathing moment with you.
You tell me that I’m selfish
Because I’ve got a life
And I won’t abandon it all so you won’t feel denied.
A stark and barren desert, there's little going on in your world
But somehow I’m the villain responsible for when you are bored.

But I’m happy and you’re not
Yes, I’m contented and you’re fraught
With pain and suffering and confusion and doubt
Longing for someone your lost without.
Yes, I’m happy and you’re not
Yes, I’m contented and you’re fraught
With blame and anguish and feeling so blue
Maybe the problem is you.

Verse 2:
You have no aspirations
Hobbies, goals, or dreams
Without a close companion, your life is such an empty scene.
When you seek a lover
What you really hope to gain
Is a ticket out of Dullsville, a clown to keep you entertained.
You seek a certain someone who will share their life with you
Then you suffocate that someone who should make this dream come true.

(Repeat chorus)

How can you comfort others when you’re not comfortable with yourself?
You smother every lover and then: Surprise! Your love’s been put on the shelf.

(Repeat chorus)
Maybe the problem is you.
Maybe the problem is . . . you!

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