Mr Henderson, We Meet Again

by A. Karpinski
© 2008 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Mr. Henderson, we meet again

From Bogotá to Bangkok, Tehran to Timbuktu
Your lingering stench was all I found,never could catch you
Dreams of vengeance drove me on, today they will come true
Prepare to meet a slow and painful end
Mr. Henderson, we meet again

Dared to taste forbidden fruit, so deeply mesmerized
You sacrificed the human race just to ride her thighs
Some kind of hero! More Judas in disguise
All should welcome your demise, my friend
Mr. Henderson, we meet again

Now you say you're sorry, you're really not to blame
After all the acid poured, fuel you fed to flame
That burned a blister on my soul, left me pained and lame
This wound's too deep, no words could ever mend
Mr. Henderson, we meet again

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