I Sing Along

by A. Karpinski
© 1998, 2023 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Verse 1:
Tease me, tempt me, got me where she wants, I play along
Taunting, flaunting, girl knows what she's got, I play along
She's music to my eyes, rockets me to paradise
Every day with her's a sweet, sweet song, I sing along

Verse 2:
So alluring, captures with a smile, I flow along
So disarming, melts me with a pout, I flow along
She's music to my soul, steals away my self-control
Every day with her's a joyous song, I sing along

Though she may not be right, she's never, ever wrong
She only has a different point of view
And though we never fight, she never comes on strong
Still I wonder how she always seems to get her way
Does what she wants

Verse 3:
Up and down and spins me all around, I play along
Bends me, shakes, but never tries to break, I play along
She's music to my heart, a mighty fine work of art
Every day with her's a beautiful song, I sing along

Hear song


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