Misery In This World

by A. Karpinski
© 2006 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Verse 1:
I . . . wrote a catchy, happy, silly song
The kind where people want to sing along
But I got slapped
For writing sap
Scolded for my lack of empathy
For the suffering of humanity
How dare I sing of joy!
Laughter, games, and toys!
With all the misery in this world

Verse 2:
You . . . expose to us every wound you ever had
Oozing pus-y slights through angry scabs
So unjust
No one you trust
Every word you sing drips with pain
As you try to make us feel the same
Our faces rubbed in dirt
We absorb your hurt
As you share your misery in this world

Was I wrong to try to lift these burdens off your back?
I want to give you smiles, simple pleasures that you lack
But you won't let go of a past you cannot change
Instead of seeking sun, you choose to linger in the rain
Ah - ah
Ah - ah

Verse 3:
We . . . shouldn't be ashamed to let our faces shine
Take a break for some playful time
Without a care
Long laughs we'd share
There is more to life than misery
With a little luck, we may see
Our pockets of happiness
Expand and coalesce
To smother all the misery in this world

Hear song


© 2006 Stone Marmot Enterprises, all rights reserved.