It's OK To Cry

by Stan Good and A. Karpinski
© 2004 Stan Good and A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

Verse 1:
Someone close to you
No longer walks this earth
Now you feel the pain
Now you feel the hurt
Now you feel so lost
You keep it all inside
Reach out your hand to me
'Cause it's OK to cry

Verse 2:
You never walk alone
Don't think that no one cares
This misery and pain
Are something you should share
Don't ever drown in grief
Don't keep it all inside
Tell me how you feel
'Cause it's OK to cry

I wish I could make it easy
Letting go of someone that you love
I only know we must go on living
I'll share your sorrow if you'll share my hug

Verse 3:
The miracle of birth
Brings joy amidst the pain
The mystery of death
Is harder to explain
But don't you feel so lost
Don't keep it all inside
Share your grief with me
'Cause it's OK to cry

I'll help you find relief
It's OK
It's OK to cry

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