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Toby The Wonder Cat

by A. Karpinski
Song © 2006 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

(Note: I wrote this song about a good friend's cat.)

She reads to me some philosophy about coasting
An expert on this topic, now I'm boasting
For it's a real art
To idle through each day
Putting smiles on all who chance to pass my furry way

I'm Toby the wonder cat
And coasting through life is where it's at
Yes, I'm contented with that
Cause I'm Toby the wonder cat

Verse 1:
She thinks that she's my master
She really is my slave
She busts her butt to give me
All that I might crave
When she disappears for days
It doesn't bother me
As long as there's food in my dish
It's sleep and fantasy

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:
This coasting thing is purr-fect
From my point of view
All lovey hugs and tummy rubs
With occasional catnip, too
And when she fondles that six string beast
Her mew-sic can't be beat
She whines and howls such pleasant meows
Like a puss who's sweet in heat

(Repeat chorus)

No worries about the mortgage, water, or electric bills
I sleep in cool dry comfort and always eat my fill
I'm the center of attention of all who come to call
As I stalk that elusive phantom mouse that's hiding in the hall

(Repeat chorus)

Hear song


© 2006 Stone Marmot Enterprises, all rights reserved.