With Your Love

by A. Karpinski
Song © 2003 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

I've searched the world
Want a meaning for this life I lead
For the effort and the time I need
A reason why I am

I've seen it all
Lived through pleasure and I've lived through pain
Through it all I never seem to gain
A notion of the plan

And then one day while watching as a child fed a bird
This simple act of innocence had led me to the word
And it was love

If you want to ease the pain
You can break away the chains
With your love
You can brighten any night
You can help to make it right
With your love

Boy, love your girl
If you really want to change the world
You should show it like a flag unfurled
Your example leads the way

Girl, love your boy
You have the power to spread the joy
Through your honesty you can destroy
Any hatred in your way

Though this may sound so silly, it's so easy to discern
That love can be contagious if we each would spread the germ
So show your love

(Repeat chorus)

Though one act of love may seem so small
Repeated love slowly conquers all

(Repeat chorus)

Hear song


© 2003 Stone Marmot Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved.