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Trapped In Y2K

by A. Karpinski
© 2008 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

We need to free the DJ trapped in Y2k
We need to free the DJ trapped in Y2k

Verse 1:
Twenty-oh-two, I am sick
Same old lyric, same old lick
So I learn to drive and jog
With my tuner turned to off
Five years later, turn it on
Still I hear the same old song
Rip Van Winkle apropos
With regards to radio

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:
I don't know what is new
Radio gives no clue
Has my rock up and died
Or is this corporate suicide?
When I search for fresh tunes
All I hear is talk and news
Is this just my home town
Or is this how the nation sounds?

(Repeat chorus)

Golden moldies don't sell CDs (four times)

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
Hey Clearchannel, can you hear
Silence under my rear view mirror?
Advertising dollars lost
Like the smoke in my exhaust
As I'm forced to hunt and sweat
All across the Internet
For the choice and nouveau
Since it's not on radio!

(Repeat chorus)

Hear song


© 2008 Stone Marmot Enterprises, all rights reserved.