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Who Is A. Karpinski?

The cartoon band Stone Marmot is the alter-ego(s) of songwriter/musician Andrew Karpinski, the “man behind the curtain,” who writes, performs, and records all the band's music. Being a very private person, Andrew chose this cartoon band to be his public face. Though four cartoon characters are credited with most of the stuff that appears on this website and on the CD, most everything stated here on this site is true --- of the person who created the cartoon characters and everything else on this site. The things that aren't true are generally pretty obvious. For example, a single person can't be four different ages and two different sexes at the same time. Most all the rest -- the 50-plus mile a day bike rides, electronics engineer in the aerospace industry, numerous patents, hovercraft, big appetite, less than $220 a year electric bills, etc. -- is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Note that Andrew does write in many music styles, not just pop-rock. Some of these other styles of songs may be heard at Hear Our Music.

Though Stone Marmot may have trouble getting gigs, Andrew can occasionally be found performing, either solo or with a band, either covers or originals, in various places in the Florida and occasionally elsewhere.

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