Nouveau retro pop-rock music:
Definitely different!!

Who Is Stone Marmot?

Since no self-respecting human would stoop low enough to play this stuff, four poor, innocent cartoon characters were suckered into recording this music. This quartet played their little paper hearts out as the ignoble fiend who created them and their music practically produced and engineered them to death. Cartoon characters have it tough enough as it is, with people laughing at them all the time, without having to be subjected to this! His poor, unfortunate victims, who refer to themselves collectively as Stone Marmot, are:

Cindy: Guitars
Sid: Guitars, keyboards, lead and backup vocals
Sammy: Bass, lead and backup vocals
Bruce: Percussion, backup vocals

Picture of Stone Marmot band members, Cindy Sid, Sammy, and Bruce.

Stone Marmot is presently playing nowhere (It's hard for cartoon characters to get gigs.), though our video is getting played on cable stations around the country.

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