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Sid's Hovercraft (Pictures)

By Sid of Stone Marmot

Aug. 18, 2008

This page includes some pictures of my hovercraft.

This photo shows Sid's hovercraft part way through build; shows frame.

This photo was taken part of the way through the build process. It shows the frame made of strips of fir wood. The marine grade plywood skin for the bottom and some of the sides has also been glued in place. At this point it also had some small temporary wheels on the bottom to allow me to easily roll it around during construction.

This photo shows Sid's hovercraft running a couple of months after initial operation.

This shows the hovercraft in action on a dirt road bordering a lake. This picture was taken a couple of months after I had first gotten the hovercraft operational. It was still missing the canopy, the cowlings around the lift and thrust engines, the trim elevator above the rudders, and the radio-intercom system. It also still had a 4 bladed thrust propeller and belt drive to the prop.

This photo shows Sid's hovercraft on its trailer a couple years later with most of the final features included.

This picture shows the hovercraft on its flat bed trailer. This photo was taken a couple of years later than the previous one. Note that it now has all the features mentioned as missing above except that it still has a four bladed propeller. Note also that it has now acquired a camouflage paint job to hide the paint mismatches acquired due to all the repairs and modifications.

This photo shows Sid's hovercraft operating with three passengers.

This photo shows the hovercraft coming to a rest on top of a hill after a run on the river in the background. Note that there are three people in the hovercraft. We were all wearing headsets to a radio-intercom system I had designed and built which made it easy for us to talk to each other (through the intercom) and to people in other craft and on shore (via the radio). The headsets had noise canceling microphones which would pick up your voice but would reject most all of the background noise. Note the three cup anemometer at the front base of the windshield to measure our speed.

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