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Why Wait For A Leader?

By Bruce of Stone Marmot

July 4, 2008

I recently participated with some friends in a rather heated discussion about the massive amount of oil used by the United States and its dependence upon foreign oil. Most of us agreed that, at least in the short term, conservation is the only real solution (Some of us feel this is probably also true for the long term, but that's another discussion.).

Many of these discussion participants felt that people in the US would conserve energy and oil if we had strong leadership. Many commented that the Bush administration really dropped the ball in not strongly promoting energy, and particularly oil, conservation after the September 11, 2001, events, when most of the people in the US were focused on our vulnerability, feeling patriotic, and were willing to sacrifice for what would be best for the country.

My response is: Why wait for leaders? If you know what is the right and proper thing to do, why don't you just do it? None of the other discussion participants acknowledged making any effort to reduce their energy or oil consumption. When further questioned about this, they all tried to redirect the discussion back to the Bush administration and what lousy leadership they provide. Why do you need someone to force you to do what you know is right? If you know what is right, just do it! If enough people are doing the right thing, the leadership will have to follow.

This is why I have little respect for most who profess to be liberals or environmentalists, because most are hypocrites. Most of them profess these liberal and/or environmental concerns for appearances sake, to win the approval of others, to be fashionable. They don't really belief the things they profess because, if they did, they would be leading very different lifestyles. They talk the talk, but refuse to walk the walk. If they truly believed these things they profess, they would be making a serious effort to change their lifestyles to further these beliefs.

You can't control George Bush's behavior. You can't control any politician's behavior. You can't control anyone else's behavior other than your own. So, if you want change in this world, start with what you can control and change: Your own life and behavior. Waiting for some "leader" to force you to do what you believe is right is a copout.

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